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Imagine a stunning view on the Alps

Feel the difference... our pine  wood therapy.



The Chalet "AL BAIT DEL  LEGN" is elegant and welcoming, it will give you relaxing days of pure pleasure among the majestic sceneries of the Stelvio Pass, Gavia and Mortirolo. Made of high-quality pine wood, with soothing and therapeutic properties, it is characterized by refined and traditional design. The careful choice of coating and attention to details has one goal: your comfort and relaxation.
Fox and Deer apartments are located in an area with beautiful and sunny view, they are surrounded by a green garden  and flowers, 1 km from Bormio (2 minutes by car - 15 minutes walk).

Ermine apartment is in Bormio town centre, near a promenade along the river.

Marmot, Steinbok and Roe are in the heart of Bormio, in Via Santa Barbara. 

Hare is the best option for skiing: is next to the gondola station.



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